Melissa L Weber
Writer, editor, talker, listener, thinker, reader and to-do list maker.


If you’re trying to find what rhymes with orange, I’ll just tell you: nothing does! Silver and purple have no rhymes either, but orange gets all the attention. I am a science writer and editor with such a variety of interests that I have no rhyme – just like orange. Clever, eh?

I tell stories about science and research and why they’re important. I’ve written for kids about conservation and edited books for 4-H. I’ve written entire magazines about health science programs, articles on emerging apps, earthquakes, gardening, insurance, decorating, and social work. I’ve written about research in the following areas: astronomy, chemistry, physics, geology, math, statistics, nursing, medicine, veterinary medicine, viruses, dogs, swine and birds. Learn more about my experience here and see samples of my work here.